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Candy Store

All of Latin America shares a passion for dulce de leche, a sweet, gooey caramel made from sweetened condensed milk.

Cajeta is Mexican.  This addictive caramel had its humble beginnings in the Bajio region that includes Guanajuato, Queretaro and Aguascalientes.  Production began in Celaya, Gunajuato in colonial times from an old Spanish recipe, but since the Bajio favors goats, an important change took place in the original version of this much loved Mexican sweet as it was made from their  rich, spicy milk.  Cajeta means “little box”, and it was originally packaged in little handmade wooden boxes.

Mexico’s cry for independence began in Guanajuato, and cajeta is inextricably linked with the war that ensued, as it was part of the rations issued to troops to give them the stamina to fight.  In September 2010 cajeta was declared the official Mexican Bicentennial Dessert to honor its long, sweet history.  We take our caramel very seriously!

Today cajeta is still made from goat’s milk, but it comes in the handy squeeze bottle.  The three main presentations are Vainilla, with vanilla added of course, Envinada, with a little alcohol added for richness, and the very best, Quemada.  This is burnt caramel, extra dark, and is without a doubt the favorite of most Mexican families.  It also comes in many forms including hard candies and suckers, or spread between colorful wafers as seen in the candy shop above.

You’ll find cajeta in supermarkets wherever there is a Mexican population.  Pick up a bottle and start squeezing right away–onto fresh fruit slices, over pound cake with peaches, into a cup of coffee or hot chocolate… anywhere you want that rich, dark caramel flavor.  I love to squeeze some into a buttercream for a banana layer cake…

Join in the Mexican celebration of sweetness!

!Buen provecho!