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¡Muchos saludos a todos!

Hard to believe it’s almost May–hot weather is just around the corner up North, though here at Baja’s Cape we have enjoyed an especially beachy winter.  Warm days make me want to share our best kept tropical secret for beating the heat–the thirst quenching Aguas Frescas of Mexico which are peddled at every market, restaurant, mall and park in Southern Mexico!

Say it… Fresh Waters…… don’t you feel cooler already?  If that didn’t do the trick, here is a short list of some of the flowers, fruits, seeds, nuts and grains from which your icy cold Agua Fresca might be concocted.

We make delightful jewel toned drinks from the flowers of hibiscus and bougainvillea–what could be more romantic on a hot summer day?  Any juicy fruit is a likely candidate, including lemons, limes, oranges and grapefruit; canteloupe, watermelon, papaya, mango, coconut, guayaba and pineapple. Strawberries and blackberries make delicate and delightful drinks, and don’t miss aguas with added chia seeds, fresh roasted cocoa beans or almonds!  Tamarind pods make for an addictive sweet and sour drink that is perfect over crushed ice with spicy tacos de carnitas…

You may have had horchata, which is similar to a spiced chai tea only made with rice. We do the same trick with oats, and there is a spiced barley water called cebada.  All of the grain drinks are likely to be perfumed with vanilla and cinnamon stick, and should be shaken or stirred before enjoying in order to reincorporate the spices which tend to settle.

Super simple to make at home, just grab a glass pitcher to show off the jewel colors of your agua, and add crushed or cubed ice.  Fill your blender jar with any juicy fruit, minus the peels and seeds, plus enough water to blend well.  Pour over the ice in the pitcher, filling with water to create a delicate fruit flavored “water”, as opposed to a thick fruit juice.  Sweeten if necessary with just enough Mexican standard (or turbinado) sugar to bring up the natural sweetness of the fruit and ¡abracadabra!   ¡Agua Fresca!

Cactus Heaven

Last but not least, if you have access to nopal cactus paddles, throw a freshly de-spined one in your blender jar along with chunks of fresh pineapple, fresh squeezed orange juice and a handful of fresh cilantro to enjoy a fresh “green juice” which Mexicans swear will cure most any ailment (in a distinctively refreshing way!).  Pour it over ice and drink it fresh, as the nopal sap tends to thicken as you hold it.  It’s well worth the effort–it’s a blood cleanser!

Hopefully this will get you started serving a fresh pitcher of Agua Fresca with meals, as traditional Mexicans do.

¡Buen provecho!