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Cooking in August

Only the most intrepid traveler comes to Cabo in August.  However, I’m receiving steady requests from cooks whose enthusiasm for Mexican cooking is obviously unaffected by the heat… so here’s the deal:
I shut down my kitchen during the time of volcano heat beginning in August, starting up again when the heat dies down in mid-October.  However, I have received several requests in August from people who really want a taste of traditional Mexican cooking, so I would like to offer a cook’s tour of Breakfast and Marketing in Mexico to show off Cabo’s recently blossoming traditional food producers and purveyors.
Starting at 8:30 with breakfast at a great local comedor, we continue with a visit to an artesanal tortilleria where they make fresh nixtamal daily even in our hottest weather, the way it’s been done for a thousand years.  After another stop or two (we now have an authentic Tlaxcala bakery, unbelievable!) we wind up at one of our major Mexican markets (air conditioned, of course–see my entry on Traditional Mexican Panaderia below) with a walk-through introduction to Mexican cheeses, pan dulce, meats, herbs, spices and chiles, fresh and dried, including suggestions for use and recipes to take home.  The tour winds up at 12:30, and you’re home in time for a nice siesta before hitting the beach when the heat subsides in the afternoon…
The plan is to eat and shop our way through Cabo’s developing traditional food scene while keeping our cool.  If this interests you, let me know.  I hope to meet you when you come down, and share my passion for Mexican food!
Muchos saludos,