Casa de Colores School of Traditional Mexican Cooking

A Unique Culinary Adventure in Cabo

Archive for March 30, 2011

High praise indeed!

Why I give Donna Somerlott and Casa de Colores the highest recommendation…By Barbara Levinson

The special new man in my life and I both enjoy cooking and experiencing diverse cultures. He has owned a condo in Cabo since the 1980’s and I’ve driven a fair amount through regions in   Mexico . Still both of us marveled at our adventures in traditional Mexican Cooking with Donna, at her home Casa de Colores.   Donna is a beautiful person, her home is an artful assemblage of Mexican folk-art/ nature/and craftsmanship, her professional Mexican culinary “classroom” is a place for connecting while cooking and  the actual classes far exceeded our expectations (which were high to begin with).

Having found Donna on-line, via emails we discussed menus, options, costs and logistics. Donna offered a smorgasbord of whatever we wanted; group or individual classes, set or eclectic menus, market tours etc. What was consistent is that the recipes consisted of authentic regional Mexican dishes and the cost for these experiential classes was far less than a meal at a  quality restaurant..

We opted for the market tour, the basic traditional Mexican cooking group class and a private class with an eclectic self-selected menu (enchiladas, a signature fried fish with garlic chips sauce and tortilla soup). Every dish was filled with colors and flavors of Mexico .

Not only were the recipes  that we prepared delicious; as in most classes, it’s about relationships. Donna, an ex-pat from Arizona has fun with her students and meets their every need, transportation if needed,  aprons for men and women, tequila, a couch for a quick snooze or for those academically inclined- a certificate of completion to display with other degrees.

This was a formidable experience that we both highly recommend to all who visit this region; couples, families, single men or women etc. Other than being with each other- this was the highlight of our trip. Even if cooking is not one of your passions, the experience will broaden your conception of regional Mexican cuisine; you’ll have fun and probably enjoy the best meals of your trip.