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Breakfast Under a Volcano

¡Muchos saludos a todos! I’ve been in Tlaxcala and Mexico City visiting my guy Manuel for the past couple of weeks, truly enjoying the sights, smells, sounds and flavors of Colonial Mexico.

Tlaxcala is Mexico’s teeny tiniest state just north of Puebla and only about an hour and a half from Mexico City. It’s a beautiful city steeped in history and culture, yet I only saw a small handful of tourists—Germans—during my visit. I’ll do another entry on Tlaxcala’s amazing market which has operated on the same spot for hundreds of years, long before the arrival of the Spanish and still selling many of the same products sold since it first opened, including live animals! I also want to tell you about my visit to Mexico City…

But today I want to put up a few pictures of El Portalito, a tiny kitchen serving up home cooked breakfast and comida not far from Manuel’s house in Tlaxcala. He took me there knowing I would appreciate the artistry that went into decorating the tiny place, and the home cooked breakfast the ladies turn out there every day for amazingly little money.

I haven’t forgotten about the volcano! Not just one – Tlaxcala has fantastic views not only of the aptly named active volcano, Popocatépetl, “Smoking Mountain” – definitely smoking away as we speak, spewing plumes of ashes and steam – but also the lovely, sweeping slopes of dormant La Malinche, named after Hernán Cortés’ indigenous lover and interpreter, and yet another dormant beauty known as La Mujer Dormida, “The Sleeping Woman”. There are beautiful hilltop ruins overlooking Tlaxcala and the many charming towns which surround it, each with its own church. The ruins include the base of an ancient pyramid called the Pirámide de los Volcanos, the “Pyramid of the Volcanoes”, a reminder that this area has always lived under the spell of the volcanoes that surround it. It’s great to be back in beautiful Baja, but I really enjoyed my visit to this special corner of Mexico with its wealth of culture and traditional cuisine!

Don’t forget to wash your hands before eating…

¡Buen provecho!


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