Casa de Colores School of Traditional Mexican Cooking

A Unique Culinary Adventure in Cabo

Crazy for Cruisers in Cabo!


I have been cooking a lot lately with people coming to Cabo from all over the known universe on cruises.

 Many people want to find alternative activities that allow them to see the real Mexico.  Small, personalized cooking classes are perfect  – I love to share moments of discovery as we take a little cook’s tour to buy fresh ingredients on the way to class, and to visit my unsung heroes, the cooks of Mexico who nourish a nation, hard at work.

 I fulfill my mission to share Mexican culture through traditional foods when I take cooks off the beaten path, introducing them to flavors and culinary experiences they would otherwise miss.  I know from letters I receive when people return home that they continue to use new flavors and techniques they learned during their Cabo stopover to create their own Mexican specialties – the ultimate souvenir! 

People comment that our time together is the highlight of their cruise, and these enthusiastic visitors also create extra special memories for me — and in many cases lasting friendships based on good company, good food and good times!  What could be better?

 ¡Buen viaje y buen provecho!



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