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A Traditional TIBETAN Dinner!

¡Muchos saludos!
Some of you may be wondering where I have been hiding for the past month…  I am attaching just a few of the pictures of the Los Cabos event of the 2010 World Tour of the Tibetan Monks from Gashar Tawon Khangsten Monastery who live in exile in the south of India.  The Dalai Lama sends them out every year to support the growing Tibetan population in exile through this amazing tour.
My great guy Manuel came from Mexico City to participate, and my mom got to attend the opening blessing of the environment.  Manuel and I were major volunteers, transporting monks and participating in blessings and other events throughout the month of November, Manuel carrying the pumba filled with holy water tinted with saffron flowers, believed to bloom in the gardens of the Gods…
These photos give you just a small idea of the beauty and versatility of these beautiful people, the spiritual heavies of our planet who dedicate themselves completely to inner peace and harmony in a spiritual rather than a religious manner.  They invite all sentient beings of the universe (!) to participate in their blessings, rituals and initiations regardless of religion or denomination.  They say we must look in all places for the truth.
Yes, that is Jampa, a fully fledged Tibetan monk RUNNING a pool table after a house blessing (the guy he played never got a chance–“I am very good at this!” said a very happy Jampa).  He swims like a happy fish… hanging by the pool I explained about the Titanic disaster, which he had heard about but didn’t know the details.  He offered a blessing on the spot to those lost, just as he did when we happened upon a hummingbird nest when leaving a house blessing…  No occasion is too small or too large for a blessing from these guys!  It’s what they do.
Jampa is also a genuine executive chef specializing in Tibetan, Indian and Chinese cuisines, and a professional baker who turns out perfect French and American breads and pastries.  It was my great honor and pleasure to work as a kitchen grunt producing a traditional Tibetan dinner for 50 under Jampa’s direction, working with another monk, Lobsang, and three Mexican kitchen ladies.  The knives and mountains of ingredients were flying for several hours, and when I showed up again an hour before the dinner I wound up in full regalia rolling out 100 turmeric fry breads (like a yellow crispy fried flour tortilla) and shaping 100 beautiful herb steamed buns like Chinese dimsum…  Jampa made the whole production look easy, and I know he could have produced the same dinner for many times that number with no problem. 
In addition to the breads we produced a number of Tibetan dishes… it fell to me to quarter (lengthwise) a not-so-small mountain of serrano, jalapeño and HABANERO chiles which Jampa enrobed in a delicate cream sauce to make an astonishinglyincendiary side dish (or main dish for some of those crazy Tibetans, who kept wandering through the kitchen grabbing raw chiles and munching them like grapes).  Everyone went away well fed and highly impressed… not to mention blessed!
This final shot was taken at our farewell dinner, in which the Master presented volunteers and supporters with beautiful white silk scarves woven with many Tibetan blessings and specially blessed prayer beads which you see around all our necks…
It was a lot of work, but at no time did Manuel and I want to miss a minute of our time with the Tibetans.  They are 100% spiritually nutritional, and we will miss them and await their return with great anticipation. 
Buen provecho,

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