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Mexico in the Mall

My comadre Juanita and I went to the mall for brunch the other morning, and wound up with a truly wonderful plate of chicken flautas, accompanied by hand made salsas and frijolitos.

Taco Inn is a chain, but they take obvious pride in making diners feel at home, and in presenting fresh, traditional Mexican dishes made at the time you place your order.  This means a longer wait, but it’s always worth waiting for the real deal. 

And talk about homey touches, someone has tiled the entire interior wall at this Taco Inn with broken talavera plates, a real feast for the eyes!  I do quite a bit of tiling myself, and can really appreciate the work that went into this surprising piece of Mexican handcrafted art. 

If you live in Cabo, or are just here on a visit, I highly recommend that you drop into our spanking new Sendero Mall/Soriana on the boulevard to Todos Santos just down from the old CCC supermarket.  Sendero is a chain of malls throughout Mexico, and ours has really given our community a place to meet and greet — check out my entry on the famous Chef Oropeza’s visit, below, which shows a long shot of our fabulous food court where Taco Inn is located, along with several other great eateries in the Mexican spirit.

Juanita and I really dug into these — what a way to start your day!




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