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A Unique Culinary Adventure in Cabo

Make Our Day!

Here you go, girls!
My friend Barb and I attended a very exciting event at our new Sendero Plaza Mall — a visit from Mexico’s premiere beefcake tv cooking show personality, the justly famous Chef Oropeza!
 He is renouned not only for delicious and highly accessible recipes but for his excellent physical condition.  He never fails to appear in custom uniform cut tight across the chest and high on the arms to expose his signature biceps.  Barb and I had to sharpen our elbows to keep our place in line, so many women and girls of all ages were clamoring for a personal autograph. 
Naturally, we made it! 
I hope you enjoy thse shots which show off the ebullient Oropeza along with our brand new mall, a breathtaking recent addition to our community which allows us to enjoy national events of this quality. 
 This pink poster was written out by the little girls asking the chef to cook with them!  They didn’t have the “official” postcard required for a signature (only 200 were distributed), so Barb and I carried the poster onto the stage where Oropeza graciously signed.  I never saw happier girls!

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