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Welcome to the Casa de Colores!

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My Lovely Assistant

I would like to introduce all of you to my dedicated kitchen assistant, Mexico!  He is a twenty year old Mexican Redheaded Parrot, or Amazon, who absolutely loves to hang out with me in the kitchen, sampling and providing lively commentary on the culinary proceedings. 

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Cooking for Cruisers

I’ve had two visits from happy cruisers in the last couple of months.  The first, a group of six, got a culinary tour and private class — the two ladies who were in last week got the tour and a sit down Mexican cooking demo with each course served in miniature servings presented on pale yellow glass heirloom dishes.

The menu went like this: 

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North of the Border

I have a group of guys interested in cooking.  This in itself is unusual–generally it’s the gals who show up and get into the aprons…  But these guys want to cook Arizona-style.  Well, it just so happens Arizona puts out some of the tastiest Mexican food on the planet, and of course, that’s my home base–so we’ll be turning out the old faves like green chile stew, and of course giant flour tortillas to wrap it in to create Read the rest of this entry »

El Nino and the Eastern Pacific Hurricane Outlook for 2010

El Nino and the Eastern Pacific Hurricane Outlook for 2010

Yep — Me Cooking on Video!!

Here are some of the videos the European film team took of the cooking class we did. This gives me a whole new appreciation for Rachel Ray, and others who cook on video… Joe, the Editor, and Noemie, the videographer, are a couple of geniuses. Be sure to blog along with them as Ben walks from Cabo to Tijuana when you click on the videos you will enter their blog…. Joe sent this to me from Ciudad Constitucion where he assures me the Internet connection is pretty happenin’.




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